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Bodywork & Breathwork

About this course

A new way of look­ing at how the body holds trau­ma, and how to release it

Tra­di­tion­al psy­chother­a­py explores how the mind holds onto thought pat­terns and ways of being that are inef­fec­tu­al and/or harm­ful. Through dia­logue, the ther­a­pist attempts to help the client to loosen the grip of the non-help­ful belief.

Hold­ing on to such beliefs is demon­stra­bly the basis for dys­func­tion­al behav­iour. The “hold­er” forms pat­terns of behav­iour to sup­port and rein­force the belief. We see this in uni­ver­sal state­ments such as, “she always…”, “he nev­er…” which are con­flat­ed to “All (wo)men are…”

Clear­ly, noth­ing is uni­ver­sal. But the ini­tial “hold­ing / block­ing” set­up we con­coct is frag­ile and needs prop­ping up, so all evi­dence to the con­trary is repressed.

Body­work the­o­ry sug­gests that our bod­ies hold with­in their phys­i­cal struc­ture the sto­ry of our unre­solved issues and past trau­mas, both phys­i­cal and psychological.

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  1. Body­work 101  —  Body­work Overview 
  2. Body­work 101  —  Intro­duc­to­ry Essay 
  3. Resis­tance ver­sus Openness 
  4. Body Embarrassment 
  5. The Impor­tance of Touch 
  6. How The Body “Works”
  7. Estab­lish­ing Neu­tral Posture 
  8. The Body­work Per­spec­tive – How the Body Tilts 
  9. The Body­work Per­spec­tive – Body Zones & Parts 
  10. The Body­work Per­spec­tive – The Shoulders 
  11. The Body­work Per­spec­tive –the Chest and Sternum 
  12. The Body­work Per­spec­tive – The small of the back 
  13. The Body­work Per­spec­tive – The Pelvis (sacrum) from the back 
  14. The Body­work Per­spec­tive – The Pelvis from the Front 
  15. The Body­work Per­spec­tive  —  Mus­cu­lar Tension 
  16. A Body­work Ses­sion  —  Setup 
  17. A Body­work Ses­sion  —  Upper Body  —  Front 
  18. A Body­work Ses­sion – The Upper & Mid­dle Back 
  19. A Body­work Ses­sion – Part 2 
  20. Breath­work  —  10 Step Breath­ing Exercise 
  21. Intro­duc­tion to Breathwork 
  22. Free­ing the Body 
  23. Chi Imbalance 
  24. Using Body­work to Release Emotions 
  25. Begin­ner’s Guide to Free­ing Massage 
  26. Body­work Exer­cis­es  —  Open­ing the Chest 
  27. Body­work Exer­cis­es  —  Open­ing the Belly 
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