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Understanding and LIVING a Fulfilled and Enlightened Life!

Living Life in Growing Orbits

You’ve spent the time learning the concepts—Now practice Enlightened Living!

You’ve read the books, attended the seminars, and understand the concepts of elegant living. But… But… the application is difficult.


Let an expert take you by the hand and teach you how to Live in the Here and Now.


Dear Friend,

I’m Wayne C. Allen.

You’ve found this page because you are ready to take affirmative action. You’re ready to devote time and energy into being the best possible human you can be.

You have dis­cov­ered an amaz­ing path – and now you want to apply it—day in and day out.

I’d like to help you walk your path, and I offer you both hope and a guar­an­tee.

One year from today, hav­ing com­plet­ed Liv­ing Life in Grow­ing Orbits, you’ll be joy­ful­ly liv­ing in this end­less moment, free from attach­ments to the past, free from wor­ry regard­ing the future!

This book was orig­i­nal­ly designed as a work­book for my coun­selling clients.

New­ly revised, Liv­ing Life in Grow­ing Orbits is avail­able as either a paper­back or a Kin­dle book– and is designed to help you actu­al­ly enact ideas such as:

  • find­ing your lim­it­ing beliefs
  • open­ing your mind, heart, and soul
  • learn­ing to speak with clar­i­ty and directness

Liv­ing Life in Grow­ing Orbits pro­vides you with the guid­ance you need. It’s a year-long exer­cise in see­ing and sim­ply being.

The Concept

We’ve all been con­di­tioned by our cul­ture and upbring­ing to have pre­con­ceived notions:

  • about how the world works,
  • about who we are,
  • about how to relate to oth­ers, and especially,
  • about what we are capa­ble of.

Perhaps it is closer to the truth to say we’ve been trained to stay stuck – we have learned what we are not capable of.

Most peo­ple are liv­ing exam­ples of the adage, “Argue for your lim­i­ta­tions, and they are yours.”

Living Life in Growing Orbits provides you with tools for breaking free from your limitations.

Liv­ing Life in Grow­ing Orbits is quite sim­ply an amaz­ing book. It’s a bril­liant work­book for achiev­ing whole­ness and mastery.

It’s designed to be read and worked through, day-by-day, over an entire year:

  • Each week begins with a vital con­cept – writ­ten in a sim­ple and engag­ing style designed to get you to think about what you believe.
  • Fol­low­ing the week­ly thought are exer­cis­es for the next sev­en days – things to do, to write about, to think about, and emphat­i­cal­ly, to practice.
  • Each vital con­cept is paired to its oppo­site, and each leads to the next, in a care­ful­ly designed build­ing process.
  • Under­stand­ings flow intu­itive­ly and nat­u­ral­ly, as you exper­i­ment with a shift of behav­iours to match your new understandings.

Liv­ing Life in Grow­ing Orbits helps you to explore and re-design your thought pat­terns, habits, and beliefs. In a sys­tem­at­ic and ele­gant way, you clear away what does not work, strength­en what does; you gain the means and have the expe­ri­ences nec­es­sary to actu­al­ly live a full and mean­ing­ful life.

Again, the idea is simple—there are 52 “week­ly” themes—each theme cap­tur­ing a con­cept for find­ing whole­ness and a new per­spec­tive for your life. This idea is explained and expanded.

On the fol­low­ing pages are thoughts and reflec­tions for each day in that week. Each one is direct­ly relat­ed to the theme for the week, and each has a sug­gest­ed exercise.

As you fol­low along, you’ll find that, with each pass­ing week, your under­stand­ing of how life works grows.

Wondering About the Process?

Because most peo­ple haven’t found a qual­i­fied ther­a­pist, or a Zen mas­ter, the best they can do is read books. The prob­lem with “just books” is that most lack prac­ti­cal­i­ty.

Living Life in Growing Orbits is a step by step guide.

Each step care­ful­ly builds on the one before.

Many books try to tell you what to believe. It’s sort of sub­sti­tut­ing one belief sys­tem for anoth­er, and it’s vague­ly unsettling.

Living Life in Growing Orbits is structured to provide experiences.

I trust you to draw your own con­clu­sions from what you discover.

At the very least, you’ll have had an amaz­ing year of new expe­ri­ences and ways of look­ing at your life.




Wayne Allen is an insight­ful writer. From his var­ied life expe­ri­ence, he blends spir­i­tu­al prin­ci­ples with every­day val­ues, mak­ing for a read­able, thought pro­vok­ing blend of sto­ries and ideas. Fore­most, Wayne is very human .… and this comes through in his writ­ing. This book would be of val­ue to any­one who is gen­uine­ly inter­est­ed in find­ing deep­er mean­ings in life and rela­tion­ships. You can read it all at once, or sip it in small quan­ti­ties.
High­ly recommended. 


~ Ben­net Wong & Jock McKeen

Co-founders,  The Haven Institute

Please have a look at the sam­ple chap­ters, to get a great idea about how Liv­ing Life in Grow­ing Orbits works and “reads.”

My goal is to support you on your walk, to help you find peace and satisfaction — and most importantly, to help you to have the kind of fulfilling, rich and meaningful life you want.

Living Life in Growing Orbits will change your life. We guarantee it!


The next move is up to you.

I’ve shown you that pur­chas­ing Liv­ing Life in Grow­ing Orbits is as risk-free as an offer can come. You and I both know that if you’ve read this far in the let­ter, you’re seri­ous­ly inter­est­ed in chang­ing your life. All that’s left to do now is take action.

Liv­ing Life in Grow­ing Orbits

Living Life in Growing Orbits

Available formats:

* Paper­back, 229 pages
** E‑book dig­i­tal down­loads
** PDF Download 

* Pub­lish­er: The Phoenix Cen­tre Press (Revised Decem­ber 2015)
* Lan­guage: Eng­lish
ISBN: 978–0‑9877192–7‑0

Detailed Infor­ma­tionSam­ple Pages

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Paper­back: $20.00, E‑book dig­i­tal down­loads $2.99, PDF Down­load $4.00


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I could go on and on with rea­sons to pur­chase Liv­ing Life in Grow­ing Orbits, but here’s the point: You need to prove to your­self that you can expe­ri­ence your own per­son­al miracle.

Do it today!


About the Author: Wayne C. Allen is known on the web as the Sim­ple Zen Guy. Wayne was a Pri­vate Prac­tice Coun­sel­lor in Ontario until June of 2013. Wayne is the author of five books, the lat­est being The. Best. Rela­tion­ship. Ever.

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