5 blocks to passion

Blocks to Passion

Blocks to Pas­sion — we are brought up to make find­ing and liv­ing our pas­sion dif­fi­cult. Here are 5 ways this hap­pens, and some alter­na­tives It seems fun­ny to me that peo­ple argue against dis­cov­er­ing and liv­ing their pas­sion. Let’s look at a cou­ple of dis­trac­tions, and some ways to find your way through. I …

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Ask yourself, “What can I do, in this moment, to bring peace to this situation?”

Bring peace‑a way to find your­self in a ground­ed and whole man­ner. It means giv­ing up being right, among oth­er things.  Back in 1986, Dar­bel­la and I went on the arche­typ­i­cal Euro­pean Hol­i­day. We end­ed up spend­ing a good deal of time in Scot­land, tour­ing about, los­ing golf balls on dif­fi­cult cours­es, and vis­it­ing famous …

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zen living

5 Key Concepts for Zen Living

I thought I’d write a “Start Here” arti­cle,” — 5 Key Con­cepts for Zen Liv­ing — to help you get on board with some of our per­spec­tives. This arti­cle con­tains mul­ti­ple links to our site, and to oth­er BLOG arti­cles. Click around and enjoy! 1- Zen Liv­ing — Per­spec­tive Colours Every­thing I write from sev­er­al per­spec­tives. First of all, …

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10 Zen Principles to Help You Live Life Better

Zen prin­ci­ples are lit­tle bits of sim­ple guid­ance, designed to help you grasp this life direc­tion. This arti­cle is great­ly expand­ed upon in my book, Half Asleep in the Bud­dha Hall. Life Accord­ing to Zen Mas­ter Yogi Berra The fol­low­ing Zen prin­ci­ples are from one of the most Zen guysever–Yogi Berra 10. “It ain’t over till it’s over.” …

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