This Endless Moment 2nd Edition

This Endless Moment 2nd. edition

Author: (Wayne C. Allen)

This Endless Moment

An amaz­ing book on liv­ing the enlight­ened life. Used as a text­book for new ther­a­pists, this book quite sim­ply changes lives.

Worth­while change comes at a price. If you’re tired of the same old rela­tion­ships, the same sit­u­a­tions crop­ping up again and again, and you find your­self stuck in the mid­dle, then right now, you can do some­thing about it! It’s time to decide!

If you are will­ing to com­mit to liv­ing the life you have dreamed of, sur­round­ed by mean­ing­ful and deep rela­tion­ships, while mak­ing a real dif­fer­ence in the world, you need This End­less Moment.



Wayne Allen has tak­en impor­tant com­plex con­cepts and has expressed them in an acces­si­ble and prac­ti­cal way. His very per­son­al approach is remark­able. This is an excel­lent, read­able book. We’re impressed!


~ Ben­net Wong & Jock McK­een
Co-founders, The Haven Institute


Will Bontrager

It spoke to me. Cleared things up. A good author.

OK, this one spoke to me. As much or more than the oth­er Wayne Allen book I had pur­chased and read (the one about the Bud­dha Hall).

The thing is, I was well on the way to fig­ur­ing out myself in rela­tion to my life. Or so I thought.

Like liv­ing my life deal­ing with the cards I’m dealt. And like mak­ing no demands that oth­ers be dif­fer­ent than they are.

Some of the con­clu­sions I had reached were con­firmed in this book. Enough so I iden­ti­fied with it. Then, it pro­ceed­ed to inform me about how much more there is to know.

A lot.

Like the fact that noth­ing means any­thing intrin­si­cal­ly. Which means blam­ing is entire­ly sub­jec­tive. Things like that.

And that there real­ly is noth­ing about me that is bro­ken or needs fixing.

Now, I am lots fur­ther on the way to fig­ur­ing out myself in rela­tion to my life.

Thank you, Mr. Allen. A won­der­ful book you wrote.

~ Will Bontrager



Author and psy­chother­a­pist Wayne Allen spent near­ly two years writ­ing This End­less Moment. The pur­pose of this book is to help peo­ple change their lives for the bet­ter. This Zen-ish style book is well-writ­ten and is filled with many sig­nif­i­cant insights that will give you a more clear pic­ture of who you are and how to get what you want from life.

The tone is casu­al, sprin­kled with humour, and full of lessons you’ll wish you knew long ago.

I’ve learned from it, and any­time a book teach­es you at least one worth­while thing you did­n’t know, it is well worth the price. You’ll get your mon­ey’s worth.


~ Den­nis “Boo­gie Jack” Gaskill

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This End­less Moment 2nd. edition
This Endless Moment

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** Paper­back: 226 pages
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* Pub­lish­er: The Phoenix Cen­tre Press
(Jan­u­ary 30, 2017)
* Lan­guage: Eng­lish
* ISBN: 978–0‑9877192–9‑4

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About the Author: Wayne C. Allen is known on the web as the Sim­ple Zen Guy. Wayne was a Pri­vate Prac­tice Coun­sel­lor in Ontario until June of 2013. Wayne is the author of five books, the lat­est being The. Best. Rela­tion­ship. Ever.

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