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Examining Your Premise

Exam­in­ing Your Premise  —  your beliefs under­lie every­thing you think and do  —  and most remain unex­plored and unex­am­ined. Let’s look at how this hap­pens, and pro­pose a cou­ple of ideas for look­ing inside
examining your premise, woman looking at self in mirror

5 Life Lessons You Need to Get

5 Life Lessons You need to Get  —  some lessons are obvi­ous, but the real­ly impor­tant ones are both hid­den and hard. Pen­e­tra­tion of the veil into the depth of who we are is the only way to “work through” the secret of you.
life lessons

Mind Cobwebs

Mind Cob­webs  —  We’ve been con­di­tioned by our fam­i­lies and tribes to ‘fit in.’ Mak­ing pos­i­tive change is there­fore difficult…

Insight  —  The Body Speaks

This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series The Body Speaks
Insight: Our focus pulls inward, and then, as pre­dictably as the sun­rise, we’re pulled into our minds, there to tell our­selves sto­ries and dis­tract our­selves out­ward. We bring our­selves back by ded­i­cat­ing our­selves to insight.
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