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5 blocks to passion

Blocks to Passion

Blocks to Pas­sion — we are brought up to make find­ing and liv­ing our pas­sion dif­fi­cult. Here are 5 ways this hap­pens, and some alter­na­tives It seems fun­ny to me that peo­ple argue against dis­cov­er­ing and liv­ing their pas­sion. Let’s look at a cou­ple of dis­trac­tions, and some ways to find your way through. I …

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5 ways to pay attention

Pay atten­tion — to your­self The 4 Noble Truths The Bud­dha’s first lec­ture con­cerned “wak­ing up” from the illu­sion of suf­fer­ing. The 4th “truth” was what is called the 8‑fold path.  Here’s one of them, as it applies to learn­ing to pay atten­tion. Sound Aware­ness I used to teach clients about pay­ing atten­tion by unpack­ing …

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Look Wide, Focus Narrow

Pre­view in new tab Look Wide, Focus Nar­row — learn­ing to shift your focus means you auto­mat­i­cal­ly see a “big­ger pic­ture” Not long ago, I was root­ing around in some old pho­tos, and I came upon one of me play­ing golf. In Scot­land, in 1986. I stopped play­ing golf many years ago, para­dox­i­cal­ly after 2 great …

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Ceilings and The Dynamics of Depression

Ceil­ings and The Dynam­ics of Depres­sion — depres­sion is sim­ply a label, and for most of us, not a help­ful one. Let’s explore depres­sion and see if there’s a link between neg­a­tive sto­ries and depres­sion. So, I received a ques­tion: “Recent­ly start­ed to fol­low your blog. I’ve been inter­est­ed in Zen Bud­dhism for many years …

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