3 Riffs on Relating

3 riffs on relat­ing — ideas and con­cepts about explor­ing the depth of inti­ma­cy The great­est error in rela­­tion­­ship-build­ing comes from the idea that your part­ner can “make you whole,” or will “make you hap­py.” Here are 3 riffs on relat­ing! Riff the First — The black hole I look at my core, the cen­ter of …

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Creating and Maintaining Relationships that Work

Cre­at­ing and Main­tain­ing Rela­tion­ships that Work — rela­tion­ships that work don’t just hap­pen. You have to com­mit to mak­ing them work. It’s amaz­ing how often, when we’re talk­ing with oth­er cou­ples, the con­ver­sa­tion turns to rela­tion­ships and relat­ing. As you like­ly know, I’ve writ­ten a cou­ple of books about this top­ic. (see: The. Best. Rela­tion­ship. Ever.) Just the …

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Better relating — 6 Ideas

Bet­ter relat­ing — Of all the ways to Deep­en Rela­tion­ships, here are 6 of my favourites I sus­pect that most folk do not exam­ine their rela­tion­ship—except when things are off the rails. There’s a ten­den­cy to think  that rela­tion­ships are sup­posed to “just work,” andthat the pur­pose of find­ing a part­ner is to have some­one there to mag­i­cal­ly …

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Nothing is Apparent

Nothing is Apparent

Syn­op­sis: Noth­ing is Appar­ent to any­one else, and most stuff isn’t even appar­ent to you! The book most close­ly asso­ci­at­ed with this arti­cle is The. Best. Rela­tion­ship. Ever. One of the biggest mis­takes peo­ple make when relat­ing is assum­ing… well… pret­ty much every­thing. Noth­ing, though, is obvi­ous, and often, what’s “obvi­ous” to you real­ly isn’t, so how …

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