Zen 101  —  Essential Zen Lessons

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Essen­tial Zen Lessons  —  Com­ing into pres­ence is the key focus of Zen, and is accom­plished in Zazen and “sim­ply notic­ing. Here we begin to explore the foun­da­tions of build­ing an “atten­tive­ness practice.”
essential zen lessons

Insight  —  The Body Speaks

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Insight: Our focus pulls inward, and then, as pre­dictably as the sun­rise, we’re pulled into our minds, there to tell our­selves sto­ries and dis­tract our­selves out­ward. We bring our­selves back by ded­i­cat­ing our­selves to insight.

Four Noble Truths  —  4 Descriptors of the Way Life Is

4 Descrip­tors of the Way Life Is–the Buddha’s age-old wis­dom (the Four Noble Truths) is per­fect for help­ing us see through the clouds of the last few years.  Lan­guage Struc­ture & Change, pg. 47) Let’s have a look at the Bud­dha’s Four Noble Truths, which I pre­fer to call the 4 Descrip­tors of the Way Life Is. Many …

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4 Descriptors of the Way Life Is

5 Key Concepts for Zen Living

5 Key Con­cepts for Zen Liv­ing  —  I thought I’d write a “start here” arti­cle to help you get on board with some of our per­spec­tives. This arti­cle con­tains mul­ti­ple links to our site, and to oth­er BLOG arti­cles. Click around and enjoy!

Ceilings and The Dynamics of Depression

Ceil­ings and The Dynam­ics of Depres­sion  —  depres­sion is sim­ply a label, and for most of us, not a help­ful one. Let’s explore depres­sion and see if there’s a link between neg­a­tive sto­ries and depres­sion. So, I received a ques­tion: Delight­ed to make this our top­ic! There are sev­er­al things here. A lit­tle med­ical talk, a …

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Cling Static

We get cling sta­t­ic when­ev­er we find our­selves grasp­ing onto some­thing (or push­ing it away–in which case we’re cling­ing on to not hav­ing it.) Today’s top­ic is addressed more ful­ly in my book, Half Asleep in the Bud­dha Hall. One of the ear­li­est teach­ings of the Bud­dha con­cerns the nature of life, and is often called the Four …

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