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Body­work is all about dis­en­tan­gling your­self from your wacky thoughts. We all have them. Blam­ing, chid­ing, crit­i­ciz­ing, ornery thoughts. 

Four Noble Truths  —  4 Descriptors of the Way Life Is

4 Descrip­tors of the Way Life Is–the Buddha’s age-old wis­dom (the Four Noble Truths) is per­fect for help­ing us see through the clouds of the last few years.  Let’s have a look at the Bud­dha’s Four Noble Truths, which I pre­fer to call the 4 Descrip­tors of the Way Life Is. Many of the Bud­dhist texts were …

Four Noble Truths  —  4 Descrip­tors of the Way Life Is Read More »

4 Descriptors of the Way Life Is

Learning Flexibility

Learn­ing flex­i­bil­i­ty  —  stop mak­ing excus­es for con­tin­u­ing to do what does­n’t work  —  is an impor­tant part of liv­ing the wise life It’s sad that most peo­ple rigid­ly behave in ways that get them what they don’t want, and then blame oth­ers or the sit­u­a­tion, rather than their behav­iour, for the prob­lem. My first book …

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